We are passionate about serving our customers with the finest experience, detail is everything - the finest coffee is freshly ground and the milk is always velvety smooth. If it's a short hit expresso, a loose-leaf hoogly tea or a warming hot chocolate our philosophy is always the same; to serve you a drink that makes you happy, with a service that makes you smile.    

Hot Drinks
Americano £2.25
Babycino £0.50
Cappuccino Large £2.80
Cappuccino Small £2.50
Espresso £1.70
Flat white £2.60
Hoogly tea in pot £2.50
Hot chocolate £2.00
Latte large £2.80
Latte small £2.50
Cup of Tea £1.50
Cold Drinks
Apple Juice £1.30
Chocolate Milk £1.50
Chocomel Milk £1.69
Coke £1.00
Diet Coke £1.00
Cranberry Juice £1.30
Dash £1.25
Elderflower / Apple Sparkling £1.50
Fanta Orange £1.00
Frobishers Apple Juice £1.50
Frobishers Orange Juice £1.50
Grapefruit juice £1.30
Karma Cola Cans Various Flavours £1.50
Oatly Chocolate (1 ltr) £2.00
Orange Juice (Unit) £1.30
R Whites Lemonade £1.00
Sparkling water £1.00
Still Water £1.00
Sprite £1.00
Tango £1.00